DuraTemp® by Roseburg

DuraTemp® by Roseburg

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Roseburg DuraTemp® siding has a natural textured appearance. Its surface is 100% clear and free of patches and repairs. It’s easy to paint, and can withstand exposure to the elements. Duratemp® is manufactured with a strong plywood veneer inner core that is made of western softwood veneer and a fully water resistant (NAUF) phenolic resin. The surface is a tough hardboard face that won’t split, crack or check — even with rough treatment. The plywood core is easy to handle and install yet stronger than most other siding products. Unlike vinyl and cement siding, DuraTemp ® Siding is made from real wood, an environmentally friendly renewable resource.

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Key Advantages

  • Natural textured appearance
  • Greater dimensional stability
  • Tough hardboard face
  • Meets or exceeds NER-QA397 PRP-108
  • Produced in all common groove patterns
  • Primed available
  • Easy to paint, and can withstand exposure to the elements
  • NAUF (No added urea formaldehyde)
  • Meets or exceeds ICBO/ICCES Report No. ER4856 and HUD-UM-40C standards


Groove Patterns: 4”, 8”
Lengths: 80-1/4″, 7’, 8’, 9’, 10’
Widths: 4’
Thickness: 15/32’’, 19/32’’
Finish: Natural, Primed
Siding Grade: APA & PS 1 Specifications
Plys: 15/32” & 19/32” – 5 ply
Face Species: Hardboard
Inner Plies / Back Veneer: C grade or better western softwood
Adhesive Exterior: Fully water resistant phenolic glue
Approved Span Ratings:

  • 15/32” at 16” o.c.
  • 19/32” at 16” o.c.
  • 19/32” at 24” o.c.