RhinoRoof® Granulated Self-Adhered Underlayment

RhinoRoof® Granulated Self-Adhered Underlayment

The self-adhered layer in a roof deck protection system provides a waterproof barrier for vulnerable areas on a roof. Whether the building is faced with wind-driven rain or the potential for ice damming, having a waterproof barrier will help provide protection for a long-lasting roof.

RhinoRoof® Granulated Self-Adhered Underlayment provides that essential waterproof barrier as a second line of defense against water mitigation. RhinoRoof Granulated combined with a synthetic underlayment, such as RhinoRoof U20 creates an underlayment system to protect the roof deck from eave to peak.

Explore the full range of our roofing solutions including RhinoRoof® Granulated Self-Adhered Underlayment to enhance your roof’s durability and performance.

  • RhinoRoof Granulated is formulated with the latest in asphalt technology that brings significant performance values:
  • Excellent Adhesion – Tested at 40º F and 75º F adhesion to the deck exceeds ASTM D1970 standards*
  • Flexible Installation – Even at cold temperatures
  • Lap adhesion – Constructed with a taped selvage edge for 3 inches of edge lap protection
  • Walkable Surface – Provides a slip-resistant surface with minimal loose granules for excellent traction and safe installation.
  • Easy to install – Split backer sheet for easy application and positioning on the roof deck
  • Extended UV Exposure – Can be left exposed up to 30 days

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