Copper Cat ®

Copper Cat ®

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Copper Cat ® Roofing Strips are a natural, permanent solution to eliminate existing algae, mold, moss and mildew while remaining algae-resistant for the lifetime of your roof. They are made of 99.96% pure antimicrobial grade copper which is 16 ounces 24 gauge copper which provides durability, ensuring you will not have to replace these strips as long as you have your roof. They oxidize naturally while keeping your asphalt shingle, cedar shake or slate roof clean.

These copper roofing strips come with roofing nails for installation and can be used with Copper Cat Cleaner for immediate results. The overall width of the Copper Cat Strips is 4 inches, with exposure at 3 inches ( 1/2 inch nailing flange under the shingle and the “hump” or bend also takes up 1/2 inch). When replacing shingles, simply cut the nail heads off to remove the strips and reuse on new roof.


• The double-sided copper strip is 20x stronger than zinc strips
• The copper oxidizes and eventually blends with 90% of shingle colors for a neat and clean look
• Uses the natural process of water interacting with copper to release ions that prevent growth of algae, mold, moss, etc. on shingles
• Works on new or existing roofs made of asphalt, cedar, slate, etc.
• Helps improve the overall look of a roof by removing black streaks, patchy spots, and other unsightly discolorations.

Discover the full range of our roofing and siding solutions including the Copper Cat ® to enhance your building’s durability and performance.

Copper Cat Strip Specs

  • 99.96% pure antimicrobial grade copper
  • Each piece 36″ x 4 1/2″ (3″ exposure)
  • 16 oz/24 gauge copper
  • 10 – 3′ pieces (30 lf) + 35 copper nails per box
  • Install new or retro-fit
  • Asphalt, cedar, slate, or tile roofs
  • Permanent algae and mold protection – naturally

Copper Cat Roof Cleaner Specs

  • Non-toxic and environmentally safe
  • Full strength activated foaming action
  • Lifts all dirt and microbial growth on contact and kills moss
  • Allow 30 mins to lift before heavy rain or rinsing – if desired
  • Coverage = 200 square feet per gallon
  • NO pressure washing or rinsing required
  • Cleans any roof surface
  • Use only plastic containers/sprayers for application