Grayne <sup>TM</sup>

The uncompromising beauty of Grayne’s 5” Plain Sawn Shingle offers the charm of natural cedar with none of the maintenance. The shingle’s graining patterns create natural depth and shadows for a striking on-house appearance. Grayne’s sharp, crisp edges and dual offset installation provide the most authentic look possible, from up close and from the curb.

Grayne’s natural look is not only striking. It’s also one-of-a-kind. It’s absolute color technology recreates the color differentiation found only in natural cedar shingles. And its natural molded keyways cast shadows that mimic the splendor of real cedar siding. It’s the perfect high-end, low-maintenance solution for any homeowner.

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​Kleer: The Perfect Complement

A premier product like Grayne deserves a high end trim package. That's Why Gryane recommends Kleer PVC Trimboard products as an accessory. Like Grayne, Kleer provides the look of real wood but with none of the maintenence. That means no warping or rotting. Grayne and Kleer are the best way to ensure a home looks great for years to come.